We love getting to know new intermediaries.

Intermediaries are an important part of any business transaction.  We firmly believe that they are worth their weight in gold. That’s why we love getting to know new intermediaries as well as supporting our old friends.

We believe in:

  • Candid and timely feedback
  • Keeping our commitments
  • Avoiding the “slow no”

Most importantly, we welcome finder’s fee arrangements and are happy to pay intermediaries for originally-sourced transactions that we close.

If you have an opportunity that fits our Investment Strategy, please contact us.

Business Owners

You'll like working with us.

If you are a business owner considering selling a portion or all of your business, we are committed to being the best partner possible.

Why NCK?

Because we believe in mutual trust and respect. We also understand the energy and effort that you have invested in your business and want to honor that legacy.

If you are a family-owned business, we also understand your unique needs and how they differ from an institutionally owned company.

Operating Executives

People Matter Most.

Great businesses are dependent on great people. It’s our duty to support the people in our portfolio companies by giving them the resources, tools and support they need to grow. Having built companies ourselves, we take “being a good partner” far beyond a cheerful tag line.

We are always looking for strong executives who can work in a multitude of roles with our portfolio companies including:

  • Full-time positions (CEO, CFO, VP, CTO, CMO, etc)
  • Board members or advisors; and
  • Operating partners across multiple industries

We offer executives the opportunity to have a major impact on exciting businesses with a significant equity upside.